Why are the farm incubators necessary?

The farm incubators were born of the need to consolidate the tools required to assist those people who do not have a farming background with the process of incorporation into the agricultural sector. Starting an agricultural activity requires certain essential resources including access to land, initial capital, technical training, practical experience, direct contact with agricultural entities and incorporation into the rural environment.

For someone new to the agricultural sector, the road to access these resources is quite challenging and requires special assistance, especially during the phase between training and business creation. The farm incubators are designed to assist those who want to develop an agricultural project through trial farming which will allow for their progressive incorporation into an unfamiliar sector.

The concept of farm incubators is quite new in Spain. They were not required until recently since the agricultural incorporation has been taking place mostly from generation to generation. The new economic and social dynamics show how this pattern is changing while people without agricultural background are joining the sector as new entrants. This young generation presents a new vision for the sector where the main highlight is those important elements of innovation that allow for economic, social and environmental viability.