Implementation of a farm incubator

Through the RETA Innovation Project, a Methodological Guide to the establishment of farm incubators has been created which outlines the essential elements to be taken into account for the execution of these programmes in Spain.

The Guide defines the main characteristics, tools and necessary resources that must be kept in mind for the creation of farm incubators to facilitate the progressive incorporation of new entrants into the sector. Also, it explains the steps to be followed for their development and implementation. It is important to note that there is no single composition or methodology and that each farm incubator is different and must adapt to the diverse entities involved and to the unique features of the territory. Therefore, the Guide is considered a methodological approach that defines a common basis for the activity but in no way establishes rigid guidelines.

The Guide is mainly intended for individuals or legal entities who are interested in devising, developing and implementing a farm incubator. In addition to the publication in print or the PDF documents, this website can be consulted for important resources related to the process of creating a farm incubator.

The development of this Guide by the entities of the Operational Group during the Innovation Project in 2019 has been a process of enlightenment and knowledge generation. The objective of this document is to serve as an impetus for the implementation of farm incubators in Spain. Please share your comments, suggestions or questions on this website to help us improve the existing Guide so that they can be incorporated into the updated future editions.

Lastly, we recommend you to contact the Network of Farm Incubators (Red de Espacios Test Agrarios-RETA) for any queries related to this Guide or the implementation of the farm incubators.