Key participant
An individual or legal entity that undertakes to perform, directly or indirectly, any of the functions of the farm incubator.
An individual or legal entity that, at a certain time, decides to collaborate on the farm incubator project in some way.
Expert team
The list of people who can provide advice to the testers as part of the comprehensive support function of the farm incubators. They can be technical personnel, active producers or former testers, among others.
Managing authority
A legal entity that puts together the basic functions of the farm incubator: comprehensive, legal and physical support. It stimulates and ensures compliance with agreements and principles of activities through a governance system.
Farm Incubators
A programme to facilitate the progressive incorporation of new entrants into the agricultural sector, coordinated through a governance system established and approved by all the participants. The farm incubators are established with a legal, physical and comprehensive support system to ensure the implementation of the trial farming period.
Short-term physical support
The physical support provided temporarily for the development of a farm trial. When the trial period ends, the physical support ceases to be part of the incubator.
Permanent physical support
Physical support that lasts for a long time in the same geographical location, which can be successively occupied by different testers.
Single farm incubator
A farm incubator with a single space as physical support, in which there can be one or more testers.
Group of farm incubators
A farm incubator with multiple spaces as physical support at the same time in different geographical locations, occupied by different testers.
Governance system
Coordination, administration and consolidation of the various functions or tasks of the farm incubator to ensure its stimulation and communication between all the participating people and entities. The governance system is established through the statutes of the managing authority, if applicable, or through agreements, accords, guidelines, pacts and/or consensus between all the participants.
Steering group
Key participants and/or collaborators that manage the creation of a farm incubator. It is composed in the first phase of the development process and disappears when the governance system of the farm incubator is established, which can be undertaken by the managing authority.
Methodological Guide ET
A document whose primary objective is defining the farm incubators and integrating a methodology for their implementation. It is directed at those entities and individuals who want to develop a farm incubator in their area.
A guide outlining the activity sessions aimed at implementation of farm incubators based on the following topics: 1) first contact, 2) overview and physical support, 3) legal and comprehensive support and 4) plan of action.
New entrants = New farmers
A person with no farming background who joins the agricultural sector as a professional.
Action plan
A working paper that is the final result of the roadmap and the process of creating a farm incubator. The action plan must include all the key aspects of the farm incubator, specifying how it will be implemented in each function and the participants that will step in at each stage. The action plan should also define the governance system and constitution of the managing authority, if necessary.
Network of Farm Incubators (Red de Espacios Test Agrarios) in Spain.
Physical support
The function of the farm incubators that helps carry out activities related to agriculture, livestock or forestry and includes land, facilities, equipment and machinery, among others. Depending on the availability throughout the physical support, either short-term or permanent physical support can be provided. Depending on the availability of an individual space or multiple spaces for physical support within a farm incubator, either a single incubator or a group of incubators can be provided.
Comprehensive support
The function of the farm incubators that includes the process of assisting the entrepreneur from personal, technical and business perspective, providing specialised training and consultation.
Legal support
The function of farm incubators that outlines the legal framework for activities covering the professional and tax responsibilities of the entrepreneur as an entity participating in certain economic activity.
Trial farming
A trial period for the progressive incorporation into the agricultural sector that is implemented at the farm incubator. The trial farming must allow for testing an agricultural activity responsibly and independently, using real dimensions with a limited duration and within a framework that minimises risk-taking. The objective of the trial farming is to solely enable the tester to evaluate their project to decide on the definitive incorporation, adjustments or withdrawal of this activity.
TESTER = the entrepreneur
The person who accesses a farm incubator.